Which Tree Service Do You Need?

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If you have lots of trees in your yard and need to have some of them removed because they are too close to your home or are starting to rot, you’ll need to hire a professional tree removal service to get the job done. However, you should know exactly what services you need before getting in touch with a contractor, so you can stay within the price range you want and be satisfied with the results.

Tree removal service is likely the main service that you’ll need when you hire a contractor to cut your tree down. You could pay a few hundred dollars or up to a thousand dollars for this service depending on how tall the tree is, but this may not be all you need. It may also be necessary to get the stump of the tree taken up and out of your yard if the stump is particularly wide and unsightly. Tree stump removal costs extra, so be sure to get a quote from the contractor before he/she comes out to cut down the tree(s) on your property. Of course, you can also use the stump as a sitting area or decorate around it if it is not rotting and isn’t causing damage to the home.

Once the tree is cut down, there will likely be limbs all around your yard, and if you want these to be hauled away, you’ll need to check with the contractor to see if this will cost you extra. If you want to keep the limbs and have them chopped into small pieces so that you can use them as wood chips to decorate your garden or as mulch, make these arrangements ahead of time with the contractor so you’ll know the cost of this separate service. You can also ask the contractor to cut the logs from the tree into smaller pieces so that you can use it as firewood. Some contractors will provide this service for free, but if you have to pay, you can expect to pay less than $100.

It may also be helpful to have a contractor who specializes in lawn care to come take a look at your yard and evaluate what needs to be repaired in your yard. This way, you’ll know if removing a tree will also require you to get rid of the tree roots so that you won’t have plumbing issues, or if you need to add more nutrients to the soil so that your grass will grow well in the area where the tree was cut. If you’re prepared to pay all the costs associated with keeping your lawn looking its best. Contacting the tree removal service to get all the details on their pricing structure helps as well. If you have to pay travel fees to compensate a contractor who may have to travel far if your home is in a rural area, or if there are additional costs for cutting down a tree that takes more than one session to safely remove from your property, being aware of this can help you stay organized and make the tree removal process more efficient.

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