What You Need to Know About Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos was one of the most common construction materials used during the 20th century. However, by 1998, there was conclusive evidence that asbestos was quite harmful to human health. In its natural state, asbestos doesn’t cause any harm to the human body. However, if there’s a crack in the surface, the asbestos fibres will be released into the air and these could be quite harmful to the body. In fact, the asbestos fibres could eventually lead to fatal diseases such as asbestosis or even lung cancer. Here are a few things that you should know about the asbestos removal process.

The Process

  • When you call any company for their asbestos removal services in Reigate, they will first set a date for inspection.
  • The company will send over a team to your place to inspect the rooms and then determine the amount of asbestos in the walls.
  • If the content of asbestos fibres is high, you might have to vacate the place and go for medical tests right away.

Removal Process

The asbestos removal process primarily depends on the extent of asbestos that was used in the place. If a lot of asbestos was used in the house, the entire structure may have to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. It’s going to cost a considerable amount of money to remove the asbestos and then repair the place. You might have to make alternate living arrangements until the asbestos removal process is completed at your place.


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