What Types Of Kitchen Can Be Installed In Your Home

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When you want to have a brand new kitchen installed, everything can be done by the same company. You can select every aspect of the kitchen, from the handles on the drawers to the type of oven that you are going to be cooking your meals on. When you have chosen the type of kitchen that you want, the installation process is going to be quick and efficient.

Choose a kitchen company that has a proven track record. They might have a lot of positive reviews online or they might be recommended to your friends and family who have had kitchens installed in the past.

What types of kitchens can be installed in your home?

Kitchens Without Handles

Kitchens look much sleeker when there are no handles on any of the doors and cabinets. Instead of opening the doors, you will slide them across with your hand. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, there are practical reasons why you can choose to have a handleless kitchen.

When you are preparing meals in kitchens in Dorset, you will not catch yourself on the handles, so you will not drop any of the food. Children will not accidentally walk into handles in the kitchen because there will be none there.

The colour scheme and layout of the handless kitchen is entirely up to you. Consult closely with the kitchen fitters when you are planning the design of the handleless kitchen.

Matt Kitchens

Matt kitchens have dark surfaces that create an impactful look. You can choose from a wide range of different colours when you are in the planning phase. Marble and slate are popular materials for this type of kitchen. For example, you might want to have smooth slate floors and marble worktops.

Light does not reflect off the surfaces in this kitchen, so you are never going to be dazzled by the rays of the sun whilst you are preparing your meals. This kitchen will leave an impression on anyone who enters. Every aspect of the Matt kitchen can be installed by a professional company.

Gloss Kitchens

High-gloss kitchens have bright surfaces that reflect the light. This applies to everything from the worktops to the kitchen cabinets. You can choose different colours to create some contrast inside the room. One of the main advantages of this type of kitchen is that the colours reflect the light from outside and enhance the sense of space.

Your gloss kitchen is going to look even bigger than it actually is. The kitchen can be fitted by an experienced team.

Traditional Kitchens

A traditional kitchen is ideal if you are living in an old house. These kitchens have gas-powered ovens such as an Aga. They also utilise wood with a gloss finish for the worktops. The kitchens are designed for their simplicity, which is ideal if you do not want a kitchen that is filled with the latest equipment.

Choose the style of your new kitchen and then have it installed.

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