What Are The Benefits Of Hardwood Timber Flooring?

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There is no doubt that people are very particular about their homes. They would look for every opportunity to beautify them and one thing that they pay attention to is the flooring of the house. There are a lot of different types of flooring including the likes of parquetry and marquetry. Hardwood timber flooring is available in both darker and pastel shades, with light-green, ochre yellow and deep green colors. The textures can vary and you can also find many geometrical patterns for this kind of flooring. Hardwood timber flooring is used in homes, offices and in industrial units for which they have become the most popular home décor options available in the market.

What is hardwood timber flooring all about?

Hardwood timber flooring is not a new idea but it has garnered popularity in the past few years. Many countries all around the world use solid timber for flooring, especially hardwood flooring. These floors can readily match to any home décor, and you can even get huge discounts, if you buy Hardwood timber flooring from reliable dealers from online stores. The features and specifications allow you to choose the best option for your yacht, homes or for your private vessel.

Features of hardwood timber flooring:

  • Color variation: In this kind of flooring you will find many different kinds color variations although the wood itself has a natural color tone. You will see that as you move from different timber species the variations change from light to heavy earthy tones, which is why you get more options.
  • Hardness: The hardwood flooring has hardness which it inherits naturally and it also has a better junk harness. They are known to withstand pressure effortlessly and even if you drop something heavy on hardwood timber flooring, they will not be affected at all.
  • The gloss: One of the biggest reasons for which timber is used as hardwood flooring is to give it a lot more gloss which also tells you as to how smooth the product it. Another purpose that it serves is that this flooring adds to the style of the room which is just unmatched.
  • Moisture: There is decent amount of moisture content in this kind of flooring but it is regulated pretty diligently. For example, the standard moisture content is somewhere around 12% but in certain regions, especially the dry ones the cap is at 9-10%.
  • The edge: You will always see that when you wooden boards are joined together there is a small groove in between then. This is called the Micro-Beveled Edge and you will find it in any hardwood timber flooring.

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Let us look at some of wood varieties that are used to make hardwood floors:

  1. Acacia Flooring: This is by far one of the most popular floorings thanks to the vibrant colour options and attractive features. The hardness of this product stands at 2000psi which is a lot more than any other flooring in the market.
  2. Oak timber flooring: This type of flooring is widely used as a flooring option because it comes in different styles, something that everyone wants. One of the advantages for oak is that not only is it sturdy but is has really smooth finish.

Benefits of hardwood timber flooring:

  • Coloring: When you go for wooden flooring then you can choose from a wide range of colours as you get that option naturally. The timber adds to the sturdiness and gloss that makes it all the more attractive.
  • Pressure resistant: These floors are strong and can withstand pressures reaching up to 2000 psi and are bend resistant.

With so many advantages, coupled with the aesthetics, hardwood timber flooring definitely makes for a wise choice, if you are about to renovate your home, then hardwood timber flooring is the best choice of your home.

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