The Signs You Need Boiler Repairs

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There are many different ways to heat your home; one of the most classic and the most reliable is the boiler. A boiler is a simple device that has become more complex over time. While still simple in concept, modern boilers are very energy-efficient devices. The boiler burns a fuel, usually natural gas or fuel oil. The heat from the burning boils water. The boiling water is then passed through pipes. As the boiling water passes through the pipes, it radiates heat into your home or business. In many cases, the boiling water passes through radiators in different rooms. Then the water comes back to the boiler where it is heated again.

Fuel Problems

One of the most common problems is with the delivery of fuel. In some cases, you might need boiler servicing in Ealing if it cannot deliver the fuel in a steady flow. This could be a sign that you are running low on fuel oil or something has gone wrong with your natural gas. You should see a blue flame in the boiler. Natural gas and fuel oil burn blue in the presence of ample oxygen. If there is insufficient oxygen, they will burn yellow and release carbon monoxide.

Pipe Problems

It’s also possible that you are having problems with your pipes. If you have problems with your pipes, you will see signs of leaking in the walls. Also, the radiator farthest from the boiler will likely be much cooler than the others. This is a sign that the water level is dropping drastically.

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