The Right Method And Solution For Cleaning The Curtains

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Designer curtains in our building premises not only add much to their overall worth but also protect us from hot sun rays. It is the curtains that save us from dust, dirt, pollution, smoke, and insects too. Prepared from cotton, nylon or synthetic; the curtains need to be maintained in proper manners. Most of us prefer to wash the curtains at home while professionals like the London curtain cleaners also extend their support to the needy guys.

Those wishing the curtains to last for prolonged periods should consider the following:

  • Regular cleaning – Bad weathers and other harmful features including smoke, fungi, mites or pollutants etc often damage the curtains. Over the passage of time, curtains start losing their grace by turning into slight yellowish colour and giving bad smell too. White or light-coloured curtains are more prone to such ill effects that damage the overall looks of our interiors. As such regular cleaning of the curtains is a must.
  • Cleaning method – Curtains can be cleaned in different ways. Recent years have witnessed a great rise as regards the use of washing machines to clean the curtains. Curtain manufacturers should be consulted for this. Beware of the shrinkage that may affect the cotton made curtains if they are washed in excessively hot water. So the water temperature should be kept at the requisite level. Plus, the washing machine should never be overloaded.                                                                                                 Many curtain manufacturers recommend hand washing these pieces. It prevents damages or the shrinkage. This method is more suitable for lightweight curtains while the heavyweight pieces may become heavy with water and cause difficulty for their drying up.                                                                                                                Use of steam cleaner is the third option as far as cleaning by the London curtain cleaners or others is concerned. It is recommended to start the steam cleaning from the top and slowing going down towards the bottom. Involvement of hot water vapour in this method may cause problems so one should know the proper use of the appliance. Preventive clothing including gloves may be worn for steam cleaning.
  • Choose the right solution – Use of gentle detergent is recommended for cleaning the curtains in safe manners. Some water may be mixed with the detergent before using it for cleaning your valuable curtains as they may get damaged by certain harmful products. So be wise to try the detergent over a small portion of the curtain. If it works well, then you can go ahead otherwise try some other quality subtle product.                                      Gentle detergent can be prepared at your home too by mixing some shaved bar soap (prefer the natural), borax and washing soda. The mixture may be stirred well before use. Powdered form can also be made by blending the mixture and storing it in dry containers. Uniform texture of the home-made detergent can be obtained by heating and mixing the baking soda at about 400 degrees Celsius.

Instructions of the curtain manufacturers may be followed for cleaning different types of curtains. London curtain cleaners or other prominent concerns may be approached for this.

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