The Durability and Beauty of Granite

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Granite is highly recognized for its strength, beauty, and durability. It is a natural and elegant stone that is unique from all other existing stones in nature. Apart from exuding strength and longevity, it also possesses a sleek rich feel. There are several granite colors to choose from, so it is truly an artistic product of our wonderful earth.

Granite in a home is easy to spot. Its eye-catching beauty and durability make it a great addition to any home. But what exactly make it their first preference in construction especially homes? It has been proven that there is more science behind this than what meets the eye. So what characteristics of granite make it to stand out?

Granite is the Ultimate Countertop

It takes many years for granite to form from molten lava. This lava finds its ways between layers of solid rock where it cools and hardens. During this process, lava finds a chance to combine with other substances such as mica, quartz and feldspar. These substances account for the color, texture and beauty of granite.

Durability of Granite

Granite not only gives beauty to homes but also promises a long lasting surface.

Granite is hard to scratch and chip because of its hard nature. It is believed to be second from a diamond in terms hardness. Which means that it can withstand the daily wear and tear from heavy objects like pots, pans, and glass.

Granite proves to be very resistant and durable to heat and moisture. However, it should be sealed well to protect it from moisture. This means it won’t even soak up the wine and grease stains that destroy other countertop and flooring materials.

Installing granite on your floor is also a perfect way of enhancing slip resistance. An unpolished granite floor will enhance extra grip needed to stay on your feet. But if you are looking for a modern feel, then have it polished.

Granite is easy to maintain and very stain resistant. This makes it number one choice for kitchen counters, because kitchens are highly prone to spills from oils, grease, acidic foods, and juices. You just need a damp micro fiber cloth, and all is done.

Granite upgrades the value of your home. It stands out to be a great option for any home. Its beauty and durability will impress both you and your entire household. Select it carefully and have value for your investment.

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