The 5 best glass staircase designs in the world

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Glass as a material is recognised as being clean, space freeing and beautiful, and when crafted into a perfect glass staircase you can add a whole new dimension to its setting, be it your home, office or tourist attraction. And at Pear Stairs there is an amazing choice of glass staircase designs and glass staircase parts that you can choose from when building or renovating your stairs. But let’s take a look at five of the world’s best glass staircase designs for some inspiration!

  1. This elegant glass staircase is from Apple’s Covent Garden store and creates a mesmerising clean cut floating appearance which perfectly blends with the iconic Apple brand.

   2 & 3. If you’re are not wanting to go for the full glass staircase     route then like these two homes why not go for the subtle           glass rail that will fit perfectly with your stairs whether their         wood, metal, concrete and carpeted or not.

  4. This patterned office glass staircase crafts a wonderful             aesthetic, creating a rainbow of colours as the sunlight from the   skylights shines through it’s coloured glass patterns.

  5. And just as sunlight can make a glass staircase standout from   wooden or metal stair designs, you can use fibreoptics and LED     to create bespoke moods through your glass staircase design.

So, if you’re interested in renovating your staircase with a new glass design then check out Pear Stairs glass staircase design page.


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