Protecting the Walls in your Home

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There are many areas in the home where the wall needs to be protected. The shower and kitchen are the main areas where this is true. In the kitchen, however, the issue has to do with more than just water. Cooking and food preparation can contribute to some large messes in the kitchen area. Splashbacks can help to keep your wall from suffering damage.


Grease is a major part of cooking. It may splatter all over the kitchen when you are making meals. Local splashbacks in Falkirk can be a great addition to the kitchen walls. These are usually placed everywhere that a counter is located. They may also be near the stove. You can enjoy a quick clean up when you have a splashback in place. They protect your walls from a variety of messes.

  • Splatters from the stove
  • grease
  • water and various food items


Splashbacks have become more than just a protective device. They are now a big part of kitchen décor. You can easily choose different colours, patterns, and textures to accentuate the décor in your kitchen. Take the time to find the perfect addition. Some people may even choose clear glass, so you can see a colour painted on the wall behind it. Clean up is as simple as a quick wipe with a cloth and mild cleaning solution.

Your splashback can be custom designed to match your kitchen. Neutral colours can be great for decorating in different ways throughout the years. Colour can add a bold statement to your space. Choose one that complements your favourite style or your kitchen items.



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