Protect Your Home: Hire a Drain Specialist

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It is important to be careful of what goes into the drains in your home. The pipes may become clogged when large items are lodged in them. Bathtub drains, the toilet, and the kitchen sink can all have problems when they are not well taken care of. Little kids often throw things in the toilet to see what happens. Hair may make its way far into shower drain, and food can clog up the kitchen drain. Water may back up into the home when a clog occurs.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a busy place in most homes. It can be difficult to monitor all activity in the bathroom when you have a large family. There may be multiple people in the bathroom getting ready in the morning and preparing for bed at night. During all this activity, the drains take on a lot of use. Girls with long hair may cause clogs in the shower drain on a regular basis. When the water won’t go down in your bathtub, call for drain repairs in Leeds. Specialists are used to seeing many things, including the following:

  • Items stuck in the toilet drain
  • Hair in shower drains
  • Hair in the bathroom sink

The Kitchen

 Most kitchens are set up to handle food in the drain. A disposal is meant to chop of food before it goes into the drain pipe. These can often become clogged, however, when large pieces of food are placed into the sink. Small items, such as the lids of jars and bottle caps often get thrown in the sink, as well. These can cause the disposal to stop working, making the drain more likely to get clogged.

It is important to monitor the items that get thrown into your drains. Even things that are supposed to go down the drain, such as toilet paper, can cause issues in large amounts. Supervise small children when they are in the bathroom or kitchen. This can help you prevent clogged drains and water damage to your home.



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