Large Scale Plumbing Projects: What to Expect

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Most of the time, plumbing services are aimed at minor repairs. When you keep up with your repairs, an emergency is less likely to happen. An emergency, such as a pipe that has burst open, may require some in-depth repairs. These may be under your home, in your yard, or even down the street. The pipes that supply water to your home are prone to wear and settling of the soil around them. You may also experience a large plumbing project when you proactively choose to replace old pipes before there is an issue. Here’s what to expect during the repair process.

No Water

There is likely to be no water for a few days, at least. At times, pipes can be replaced with water only turned off during construction. This means that you may have water in the evening for basic things such as cooking and showering. If the project stems from an emergency, you are less likely to have water, as detailed preparations do not happen when water is spurting out quickly, possibly using hundreds of dollars’ worth of water. When plumbing must be done large scale, many people opt to stay with friends or family until it is complete. Prepare for time without water by doing these things.

  • Purchase bottled water for drinking, cooking, and washing hands
  • Make arrangements to stay with friends
  • Enlist help from friends or family for laundry and watching kids


Depending on how close the pipes are to your house, there may be some unbearable noise. Machinery for digging and removing pipes can be noisy enough to scare children or pets. If you have kids trying to complete homework, or you work from home, this could be a big inconvenience. This is why you may want to make arrangements for grandparents or other family members to take the kids for a break. For these large jobs, call on experienced plumbing services in South Ockendon.

When you have time to prepare for a large plumbing repair it can be much easier to handle. When there is an emergency, however, you may need to be patient. There is little that can be done if a pipe breaks open. When the repair is done, however, you can feel better knowing that your home is safe from water damage.



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