How to Update your stairs with Style

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Have you ever wondered how many times you go up and down your stairs in one day? If you’re not sure then try counting it one day; you’ll be surprised at the result.

It’s no wonder that with this much use your stairs can become tired and dated; they are often overlooked and simply repainted. But, there are so many more options to improve your stairs.

Install New

This is obviously the most expensive option but may not be as pricey as you think. Modern staircase designs can be easily incorporated into any home. But, before you take a look at the stunning staircase designs offered by it is a good idea to ensure you are familiar with the current regulations regarding stair installation.

Replace The Balustrade

If you’re not convinced that you have the funds, space or time to replace your stairs it is possible to simply replace the balustrade.

Get rid of the tired, traditional wood braces and look into a stunning new design.

Glass balustrades are very safe and extremely popular at the moment. You can couple them with a stainless steel rail to provide a classic and contemporary look.

As an added bonus the balustrade will look almost invisible; making your home feel larger and lighter.


The traditional approach to stairs has been to cover them with a carpet. This does make practical sense as it reduces the noise pollution caused every time you go up and down them. This is particularly relevant if you have children!

However, you can remove the carpet and paint the stairs to create a look that co-ordinates with the rest of your house. You can even add a stair runner to give you the benefit of carpet in the middle of your stairs.

But, perhaps the best way to re-cover your stairs is actually to sand the bare wood and return it to its original glory. You may need to supplement it with a coat of clear varnish.

Add A Wall

If your stairs currently take up a small corner of your house you can choose to add a new panel wall. This will make it appear like you have no stairs and the door at the bottom will be mistaken for another room or a cupboard.

You can then paint the wall or decorate it however you like to create a great feature.

Light It Up

The stairs are often located in a discreet corner to maximize the space available to you. Unfortunately this can mean they are a dark space.

You can transform the space and your stairs by adding a window on the stair wall, or a sun tunnel in your roof; directing the light down your stairs.

This will also bring more light into your home and make it feel brighter and warmer.

Top Tip

When looking to update your stairs it is imperative that you consider the design of the rest of your home. There is no point in adding a modern staircase to a traditional looking home unless you are preparing to update everything else as well.

If not, it will stick out and be an eyesore; not a beautiful design feature.

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