How to Unblock Your Sink

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The damage has been done and your kitchen sink is blocked. It’s too late for preventative measures now so roll up your sleeves and read on to find out how you can unblock your sinks and basins.

In future, look after your drains better and they’ll look after you.

The Tools You’ll Need

The first item on the list is the toilet plunger. You will probably find it hiding underneath the kitchen sink or in a corner of your bathroom. If you don’t have one, any supermarket or DIY store should be able to assist.

The second item is a drain snake. This is a piece of wire you’ll be using to clear your blockage. You can find one at any good DIY and home store.

The Procedure

This is the time for some elbow grease. Complete the following steps in order;

  • Fill the sink or basin with hot water. Just enough is required to submerge the base of the plunger
  • Remove the plug and then quickly place the plunger over the plug hole
  • Repeatedly plunge up and down with the plunger for approximately 10 – 20 seconds

Whilst plunging, you should hear a series of pops and gurgles. These are letting you know that the blockage is on its way to being cleared. Fill the sink with more water and note the rate at which it drains through the pipework.

A considerable amount of plunging may be required so keep it up until the water is draining at the rate that you’re used to.

In between attempts, use the drain snake to see if you can push any stubborn bits of food or hair further down the pipework which should, with the help of hot water, work to clear the blockage.

Clean the Trap

For more stubborn blockages or to go the extra mile and make sure it doesn’t happen again anytime soon, you will need to disassemble the trap.

No tools are required here as the collar that holds the trap section into place features a knurled surface you can grip with your hands to undo. Once taken apart, you should be able to see bits of food waste and other debris sitting with the pipework.

With the assistance of your drain snake, use your hands to pull all of this debris free and throw it in the bin. Once clear, take the trap to another sink and give it a good rinse with some hot water and soap. Once done you can reassemble the pipework and check once more than water is draining as it should.

Preventative Maintenance

Going forward, consider plunging your sinks and basins regularly. The more frequently this is done, the less the likelihood of encountering a severe blockage down the line.

If this procedure fails, you will need to call in someone with a bit more experience. Run a web search for the term, drain unblockers near me in Tunbridge Wells, if you live in the Tunbridge Wells or South-East region of the UK. They will be able to offer a call out as well as further advice.

As always, prevention is better than cure.

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