How to Troubleshoot Common Automatic Door Problems and Repair Them

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As with any other technology, automatic doors can occasionally let you down. As much as it may be easier to call an engineer or handyperson to diagnose and fix the problem, you may be able to do this without the cost implications of a callout that may not have been necessary.

Firstly, of course, there has to be a power source to the doors that you are using. Whether this a commercial or domestic door, most doors will give an indication that they are receiving this power by way of an indicator light or LED display.

This should be relatively easy to find and establish first and foremost if the problem is lack of power. There may also be a switch here in order to cut off power during service of the door, so make sure that this is on first.

If there is still no power, there may be an issue at the source, or possibly an electrical fault. Unless you are professionally trained in this, it is best to contact an engineer.

There will usually be a way to reset the running of the doors, and this will make sure that the automatic door repair isn’t simply an overload or loss of power. Make sure that you follow the reset function as per the instruction manual for your doors, and that if the reset process works, it clears the whole problem. For example, if the doors work when they didn’t work before, they may not be running to their full operating speed or functionality.

If there is still a problem with the door not working to standard or at all, there may be other ways to fix it yourself. Cleaning and maintaining your automatic doors is as important as anything else, and there are many mechanisms that will need regular servicing and attention.

The runners that the doors slide on are fantastic traps for dirt and grime that will prevent the doors from working properly if there is much build up. Regular cleaning is the best way to stop this, and be especially careful in autumn and winter seasons.

If you are cleaning regularly but your automatic doors are not working and are in need of repair, check to see if there are any obstructions in the mechanisms of the door. It could be something simple like a stone, and so is easy to solve.

Another issue that can prevent your doors from working properly is if they have become misaligned, or the panels have shifted. With not too much force, these can be pushed back into place and will solve the problems.

This will not need more than one person to force. You may open yourself up to worse problems if you use too much pressure, which can lead to a larger bill with your engineer!

It is important for your automatic doors to work as well as they possibly can, as they are a large investment for you or your company. Regular maintenance and service will make sure that any automatic door repair is as easy, quick and non-costly as they can be.

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