How to Have a Key Duplicated

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If you are having work done at your house or if you just need to have more keys made for any reason, you need to call a locksmith. If you have some free time or if the key cutting has been scheduled in advance, you can use any locksmith that you can find as long as he or she is reliable. However, if some kind of emergency arises, you need an emergency locksmith.

Emergency Locksmith

An emergency locksmith needs to fulfil two requirements. He or she needs to work 24/7. You can’t schedule when you will have an emergency so emergency locksmiths in Orpington need to be available at all hours of the day. Secondly, an emergency locksmith needs to be available quickly. Ideally, an emergency locksmith will show up at your location within about 60 minutes.

Due to traffic, business considerations, and other factors, a locksmith cannot guarantee arriving that quickly. However, a solid commitment to showing up within an hour is a good start. Once there, he or she should work quickly and efficiently to replace your keys.

Broken Keys

Copying an intact key is a very simple procedure. He or she will take your existing key and replicate it as many times as you need using a simple machine. The process is actually quite quick. However, if your key is broken for some reason, it can be much more complex to duplicate it. If you have both halves of the broken key, the process is still fairly straightforward. Otherwise, he or she will need access to the lock to create a matching key.

Breaking a key inside of the lock is a common problem that leads people to call locksmiths. If you apply too much force to an old key, it can snap off. That will mean you have to have a locksmith remove the fragments of the key and make a new one.

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