How to Assemble a Glass Balustrade

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When it comes to a glass balustrade, you have a few options. There are frameless balustrades, which are those that make the glass appear to be free-standing. There are framed balustrades as well. The final type of balustrade is a semi-frameless that combines aspects of the framed and frameless designs. They are all designed to be very effective and attractive; the only real difference is the way you want your balustrade to look. In some cases, a frameless balustrade might be less appropriate for staircases because it does not come with an obvious railing. In the end, the choice will be yours.

Frameless Balustrades

A frameless WA balustrade is typically made with rectangular panes of glass. The panes are mounted to the floor by way of anchors that are attached to the floor. Assembling the balustrade is very simple; it’s mostly just a matter of following the instructions. You need to read all of the instructions fully before you start such a project. You should not start any project until you have done so. Then, you will need to space out the anchors so that they are evenly spaced up your stairs or across your balcony. They will then be attached to the floor in some manner. Typically, that involves bolts attached to the floor. Finally, you will install the glass panes. The panes are set into the anchors, and you are done with assembly. It’s just that simple.

Framed Balustrades

A framed balustrade is often just as simple as a frameless balustrade. In some cases, the framed balustrade will actually come largely assembled. You just need to assemble it where you want it to go and then bolt it to the floor. One of the most important elements is to measure the space beforehand. You need to measure where your balustrade will be before you order one. You should also make sure to follow the old axiom and measure twice. If you measure twice, you’re likely to get the right measurement on your space. Then, you’ll be able to order the proper balustrade.

In some cases, the balustrade will need to be prepared for you. If your space is not a standard measurement size, the balustrade will need to be cut, and the system will need to be designed to fit your space. A great bespoke balustrade company will be able and willing to do this for you; however, you need to make sure you are dealing with a great company that will do so. That also shows yet another reason why it is so important to measure twice. Finding a good glazier is so difficult; you need to make sure you are getting custom work done by a professional. That’s the best way to get a balustrade that looks great, fits your design, and keeps your family safe.

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