How to Arrange a Contract with a Window Cleaning Company

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Commercial buildings usually sign contracts with local window cleaning companies in order to keep the building looking neat and clean. Most commercial buildings usually have long, glass windows that need to be cleaned regularly. These windows provide a clear view outside from the office. However, because the glass outside is constantly exposed to the atmospheric elements, it needs to be cleaned from time to time. Arranging a contract with a window cleaning company is important if you are the administrator of a building, because they have the tools and the experience to clean the windows at the higher floors as well.

Making a Deal

  • When you approach local Ipswich window cleaners, they will give you a fixed price list of all the different packages that they have to offer. However, you can make a custom arrangement with the company as well.
  • Cleaning the windows daily is a bad idea and is just going to cost you more money. Instead, it would be better if you get them cleaned at least once a week or so.
  • You can also negotiate with the company to bring the price down as much as possible, especially if you plan on sticking with the company in the long run.

Other Important Things

Consider the first couple of weeks as a trial run; you should make sure that the windows are properly cleaned and that there aren’t any traces of soap or stains on the glass to ensure that they are worth the money you are paying.

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