How Often Should Your Chimney Be Swept

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A chimney needs to be swept about once a year. If you use your chimney often, you need to have it swept probably more often than that. Many people choose to have it swept at the beginning of the winter season and then again at the end. Having it swept before moving into misuses is helpful because it helps to prevent a blockage in the flue. A blocked flue can lead to high humidity and damp inside of your house; a clear flue helps you to ventilate your home. Also, having your flue swept helps to reduce the prevalence of bird’s nests. Nest hooks can also help.

Call a Sweep

When you call chimney sweeps in Bromley, you should make sure that you tell them a few things so that they can know exactly what types of services you need.

  • How often you have it swept
  • The last time you had it swept
  • If you’ve seen any pests in your house
  • If you’ve noticed any pests in the chimney
  • The types of wood you burn
  • Whether you use natural gas in your fireplace

All of those things will help the chimney sweep to determine what services you will need.

Twice a Year

As mentioned earlier, some people choose to have their chimneys swept twice a year. Having it swept before the cold hits is the best way to ensure that you can burn fuel in your fireplace without danger. Having it cleaned towards the end of the season reduces the chance that dirt and debris will build up inside the flue.

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