Hoover carpet cleaners

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Hoover started its successful path of revolution in 1908, in those days new company appeared in America which was founded by W.Hoover with the same name, which was the first one in the world that created a new type of home appliances, without which we can’t imagine our life today.

HOOVER company was founded in 1908 by William Hoover. It all started in a small town in Ohio, doorman Murray Spangler, who suffered from asthma, took a fan, a broom handle, a silk pillowcase and soap dish, and gathered it all together. Thus the first vacuum cleaner appeared.

Susan Hoover was fascinated by invention and her husband bought the patent from Spangler and began production of vacuum cleaners. Soon, a new invention became rather popular. Every year, the vacuum cleaner was improved and new ideas and technologies were introduced. Thus, the business was becoming more successful.

Today the company is very successful and produces not only vacuum cleaners. HOOVER company takes care constantly of its numerous customers, tries to meet the needs of its customers completely. HOOVER technique is easy to use, and is high-quality and affordable.

HOOVER products:

  • dishwashers;
  • vacuum cleaners (with bag, without bag, portable, hand-held):

o vertical vacuum cleaners;

o professional vacuum cleaners;

o steam mops;

o steam cleaners;

o vacuum cleaner robot;

o maneuverable vacuum cleaner;

o filters for vacuum cleaners;

  • washing machines;

o Washing and drying machines;

o dryers.

  • irons:

o ironing boards;

o steam systems (standard, compact).

  • refrigerators.

The word “Hoover” should be understood as a “vacuum”.

Today, the name of the founder of the company Hoover deservedly stands alongside the names of those who made revolutionary discoveries of global importance, such as F.Porshe, G.Ford, M.Edison which pushed the boundaries of the world and opened up new prospects entering the world history forever.

Hoover is a globally recognized trading brand of the highest class of “premium”. It became so popular thanks to the highest quality of its products,  and which constantly buys new consumer features, to keep pace with the times and it also has the highest reputation in the users of home appliances.

Since 1995, Hoover added the range of brands which were included in the Candy group and became close to such brands as Candy, Rosieres, Zerowatt, Gias, Kelvinator, Otsein, Iberna. All the equipment, which is manufactured by Candy group, after its sale it is served by Gias, which is the division of Candy Corporation.

Country-manufacturer: United States.

All cleaners of Hoover company are very popular all over the world.

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