Help for Plumbing Emergencies

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When you need to get your plumbing checked immediately, you may require emergency services. Plumbing is a serious business. Most issues include leaking water, this can cause costly damage to your home. Most jobs require that a plumber come out the same day. You can wait a few hours or a day for a dripping faucet. When water is spraying or pouring into your home, however, emergency help is necessary.

Know Who to Call

Due to the nature of the business, most plumbing companies offer emergency services. You need to make sure you know who to call, however. There may be an answering service that directs emergency calls to the manager during the night. Some companies may have a separate number to call for after-hours emergencies. Some technicians that work with families for years give them a personal business card with a number to call. Make sure you have the correct emergency number posted somewhere in your home. East Sussex plumbers can come to the rescue.

The Procedure

A busted pipe is an example of a plumbing emergency. You need to call the plumber immediately to get the water stopped. Your flooring and walls can be ruined in minutes. The person on the phone should get someone dispatched to your house right away. Someone may also stay on the phone with you and help direct you to the shut off valve for your home. They can often give you directions over the phone. When the plumber arrives, they can shut off the water for you, if necessary. They also assess the damage and make a repair plan. If it is after hours and too dark outside, they may get the situation stabilised and return in the morning.

  • Call immediately
  • A plumber is dispatched to the home
  • Water is stopped, and repairs are planned

Plumbing emergencies can be frustrating. You may be concerned about the cost of water damage. A good plumber can get to your home quickly to minimise the damage.



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