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If you are looking for a classy solution for your window that not only helps you maintain the appropriate temperature in the house but also gives an aesthetic and sophisticated look to the interior of your house, then wooden shutters are a perfect solution for you. These days they are becoming quite popular because of their elegant appearance and functional benefits.

Advantages Of Wooden Shutters:

  • Attractive: These shutters give an elegant and rich look to the interior of your house. Wood always has its unique authentic look which makes it far more attractive than any other material.
  • Protection: Wooden shutters helps to protect you from cold and winds during the chilly weathers and heat and sun during scorching summers.
  • Light Control: These shutters help you control the amount of light entering your house through the window. It protects you from any sun glare and keep you safe from UV rays of sun.
  • Privacy: These shutters are of great help as far as the question of securing some privacy for yourself and your family is concerned. Whenever you wish to take a break from the world to be yourself you can easily do it by closing the shutters.
  • Reduces Allergy: If you are allergic to dust and pollution, wooden shutters will help you prevent from this.

Disadvantages Of Wooden Shutters:

  • Expensive: Wooden shutters are more expensive than any other material. Moreover, being natural material it requires more maintenance than other material which makes it a costly deal.
  • Susceptible to humidity: These shutters are not suitable for humid weather as its finishes gets damaged by coming in contact with moisture. Even these shutters need to be protected from any contact with water.
  • Limited protection: As compared to other material like fiberglass, aluminium, etc. wood provides less protection against the storm which makes it unsuitable for storm prone areas.

How To Install Interior Wooden Shutters?

If you are confused and don’t know how to install the interior wooden shutter, then you must follow the steps given below:

  • Choosing Shutters: The very first step is to buy the shutter that you wish to install on your window. But before ordering the shutters do a good survey to know about all the possible options available and also if in case any specified mechanism or procedure for installation is required to be followed.
  • Size and measurements: Since windows vary in size, wooden shutters are custom-built. Prior to placing your shutter order, know how it works and how they can be installed. Be sure that the shutter is perfect for your window. It needs to ensure that the sunlight is not blocked after the shutters are installed. Window measurements need to be taken carefully.
  • Positioning and installing the Frame: The shutter needs to be installed perfectly, to ensure the end results is neat and functional. Drill is used to install the shutter frame into the window frame. It is best to get it done by professionals.
  • Check Shutter Operation: After the shutter is fixed, its operation need to be checked. Check the functioning by smoothly opening and closing it. If there are any issues, try to adjust the frame packing. Add trim molding to frame for a neat look.

When buying shutters, make sure you do a thorough research about the types, quality and price. Check online for the finest wooden shutters that suits to your home before finalizing anything. Do read customer reviews for a better idea. Ask about installation and maintenance too.

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