Frequent Reasons for Washing Machine Repairs

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If your washing machine is broken, it often leads your attempt to troubleshoot the problem. Because washing machines refuse to work for various reasons, you often have to research the difficulty online. Most customers call out for repairs when their washing machines are noisy or when they leak. Leaks can occur from a worn pump or a failed inlet valve.

Starting Difficulties

Sometimes a washer will not start because an electronic control is not working or a thermal fuse needs to be replaced. If the agitator does not work, then it is helpful to check the agitator cogs, drive belt, coupler, or transmission. If the timer will not advance, then the problem may be due to a broken timer motor or drain pump.

A Moving and Shaking Machine

Hampshire washing machine repairs are also made when the washer pumps water but does not spin. If this is a problem, it may be the result of an inoperable motor coupling, door lock, or wax motor. If your washing machine starts moving around and shaking, then it may need its shock absorbers replaced. The problem can also develop when the tub dampening straps are faulty.

What Causes Your Machine to Emit a Burning Smell?

If your washing machine will not fill with water, then the water inlet valve may not work. You may also have a problem with either the air dome tube or water level pressure switch. Drive belts or motor pulleys that need to be replaced often cause a burning smell when the machine operates.

Switching Problems

If the lid on the appliance will not open, check for a broken lid pin or hinge. Or, if your washing machine will not fill with cold or hot water, the inlet hose or temperature control switch probably needs to be fixed. If the appliance simultaneously fills and drains, then have an appliance repair technician check the pressure or water level switch.


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