Four Reasons to Install an Imprinted Concrete Drive

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When having home renovations done, the driveway is one area sometimes neglected by homeowners. One reason for not replacing a cracked or damaged driveway is the cost. On average, to remove and replace a drive can cost about £90 per square metre, but the cost also depends on with which material the drive is replaced. Many homeowners are choosing imprinted concrete drives for the following reasons.

Quickly Installed

A customised imprinted concrete driveway can be installed more quickly than most traditional tarmac driveways, depending on the weather. Since it can be put into place faster, this means less time that you’ll need to park elsewhere while the work is being done. Companies specialising in Cannock paving and driveways can give estimates about how long it will take to replace a driveway using different materials.

Low Maintenance

Once the imprinted drive is installed and sealed, it will last for many years and requires very little maintenance. There are no gaps through which weeds or grass can grow, so no vegetation will need to be removed. Also, there are no gaps which moisture can seep through and cause expansion as it freezes and thaws, thus preventing a cracked surface on your new drive.

Customised Appearance

Imprinted concrete drives can be made to look like many different surfaces. They are available in an array of colours and styles, so your drive can appear to be made from bricks, cobblestones, pavers, or even timber. The driveway can be customised to complement your home, and will provide it with great kerb appeal.

Saves Money

Concrete is an inexpensive product, so you will save money by using it to replace an old, cracked drive. Most imprinted concrete driveways can be installed for about £75 per square metre, and they last for many years without needing existence maintenance.

By choosing imprinted concrete, you can affordably renovate your driveway.


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