Everything You Should Know about the Latest LED TV Technology

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LED TVs have become quite popular in India and are growing in sales every single day. When people think of the best-LED TV in India, they think of the big brands – LG, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic.So, one must read more about the best-LED TVs in India before buying. But in recent years, companies like Micromax, Vu, and Xiaomi have leapt into the fray.This is because of the fact that not a lot of cheap LED Smart TVs are available in the market that comes with good features. As a result, the average consumer gets even more choices to figure out the best-LED TVs in India. While this may be a good thing, it can also be confusing. So, here are the top things to know about the latest LED TVs:

  • Smarter is Not Always Better: Getting a Smart TV at dirt cheap prices might sound like a deal that is too good to be true; it just might be. Getting a good 32-inch LED TV with Full HD resolution is a much better buy than a cheap Android TV with an HDMI and a USB port. LED Smart TVs will cost a lot more for proper features and video quality.
  • Audio Options: Going for a cheaper LED TV and expecting it to be the best-LED TV in India is folly. Chances are that even if the video quality is satisfactory, the audio quality will not be up to the mark. The best way to go is to buy a TV with decent audio. If not, one should at least consider buying a 2.1 channel speaker system for better audio quality.
  • Minimum Viewing Distance: Spending extra on the screen size is a justified spend. The minimum viewing distance is 9 feet for a 55-inch screen. If that much room is not available, then it makes no sense in buying one and spending that much for it. Experts usually recommend a 32-inch TV with a minimum viewing distance of 4 feet. That much room is usually available in Indian houses and the quality is not hampered.
  • Branding is Important:The big brands are simply awesome and that is how they got to be the big brands. This is not to say that newer and smaller brands sell bad products but chances are that the cheaper models will compromise on quality. This leads to a permanently bitter experience overall. So, it is always best to bet on a reputed brand name.

The best-LED TV in India is on that checks out on all the above tips. Needless to say, such a product is definitely going to be an expensive buy. It is foolish to expect a 55-inch 4K UltraHD LED TV with Dolby Digital Sound to come for cheap. If the best-LED TV in India is what the heart is set on, then it is time to loosen the drawstrings.

 Some of the biggest names in the TV manufacturing business are refocusing on Research and Development to bring out even better products. These products are going to have some crazy features in addition to AV quality and one of them may well be the next best-LED TV in India.The television industry is definitely one of the most brutally competitive spaces in India. Let us all hope that this competition gives rise to better, smarter products soon.

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