Drop in bath tub – A know how

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A shower is the easier and convenient way for bathing. But, a bath tub is more relaxing when compared with shower. Relaxing in hot water bath tub will be very much soothing and relieves stress. By keeping this is in mind, many bath tub manufacturers have released various styles and shapes which can be chosen according to space in bath room. Drop in bathtub come in various price variants depending on multi functions.

Few bath tubs like free standing and claw foot types require large space in the bath room. Alcove or Drop in bath tubs can be mounted in the corner walls. Alcove bath tubs are used most commonly and fit in corners of small bath rooms. Tubs are made up of different materials such as acrylic, iron, fiberglass, copper and steel and are available in many styles. Costs will rise when features extra like- bubbles, digital lights are added in the tub.

Drop in bath tub is most preferred bath tub in house- holds. In general, these Drop in bath tubs are made up of acrylic material over the supportive frame. Some drop in bath tubs come with different features and wirings, motors are connected beneath and covered by acrylic base. Drop in bath tub comes in different variants and installation is quite simple but need to be installed by plumber to secure the weight according to certain level and drainage work should be done properly.

Shape of the bath tub depends on frame and it supports weight to maximum extent in the region of edges. Frame plays the crucial role by covering interiors of bath tub by hiding motors, electric wires and pipes in between frame and acrylic exterior. Drop in bath tubs can be fixed in any corner of the bathroom and it comes in different sizes. Frame of the Drop in bath tub has to be in a certain level and should be attached directly to the wall according to house framing. In some instances, vertical studs should be placed again vertically before fixing Drop in bath tub.

Bath tubs are differentiated in to two types, like- alcove installation and island installation.

Alcove installation is fixed within existing three walls i.e., in the corner and in island installations, Drop in bath tub is placed in four walls. Dimensions are decided according to buyer’s bath tub preference and chosen frame size.

Frame alone is not sufficient to manage weight of bath tub, water and human in it. For sufficient support, mortar bases like drywall mud or cement mortar has to be fixed. Plumbing has to be done prior fixing Drop in bathtub,so that bath tub can be fixed easily by connecting drainage pipes, shower heads and faucets. Plumbing work has to be finished before filling water inside tub. According to the house plumbing, piping should be done using plastic, metal or flexible piping. Apart from plastic and metal, flexible piping is considered easier since no cutting and adhering required thus saving more time and work is also less.

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