Does Your Work Area Have Adequate Ventilation?

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If you work in an industrial area or factory, you’ll understand that it’s very important that hazards are reduced. In days gone by, we knew far less about human health hazards in workplaces such as this but now we understand all too well that it’s very important to use safety equipment and have procedures in place.

What about Proper Ventilation?

Chemical odours and airborne dust are inherent health risks in many working environments. If you manage such an environment, it’s really important that you contact an affordable ventilation company in London. Modern occupational health and safety rules and regulations are very strong on maintaining adequate ventilation and air flow throughout a working environment.

Typically, adequate ventilation in these working environments consists of the following:

  • Fans to remove airborne dust particles and clear the air of chemical odours that may be harmful
  • Ducting for the circulation of fresh air throughout the area
  • Vents, grilles, and diffusers to ensure that there is passive air flow throughout an area

Keeping People Safe in the Work Environment

As a business owner, the last thing you want to have to deal with is legal action due to the sickness of some workers. Chemicals and dust can all cause a variety of allergic reactions and diseases. It’s important to ensure that these kinds of risks are minimised in the working environment so that absenteeism is decreased and so that legal actions are not taken against the company.



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