Different Types Of Hardware Needed For Closet And Cupboards

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Cupboards and closets are one of the important furniture that we need on a daily basis. Clothes, important papers, money, documents and many other things are kept in them. By this way, the things stay protected and the room stays clean. As we keep personal things in the closets and cupboards it is very important to make the doors of closets and cupboards secure and the lock should be strong enough. As well as it should be smooth which can be easily opened. Therefore choosing the right type door your closet can be pretty hard.

There are various types of closet doors are available. Like single closet doors, double closet doors, pocket doors, bi-folded doors etc. Here is some quick discussion to help you take the perfect decision for your closet doors.

Single Closet Doors:

This type of door is the most common type and can be seen usually in every house. They are called the coat closet. This has one turning doorknob and that is why called the single closet door. Furniture hardware companies in India have many modern styles on this type of closet. So you get as many options you want.

Double Closet Doors:

The double closet door opens towards you side by side. There is no turning involved and it’s just usually pulled open. In this type of doors, dummy doorknobs are used which are mounted on the surface and do not move. Dummy Doorknobs make the door more like the pull. They can be used singly or in doubles. It is totally up to you that how you want to use it. In this type of doors, there is another thing called ball catches that keep the door in place. Ball catches are mounted on the top of the door and a strike plate is mounted on the door jamb which will catch and hold the ball. A simple pull or tug can release and open the door.

Sliding/Pocket Doors:

Sliding doors have the flush pull mechanism which flushes with the door without protruding them. It makes it easy the door to slide without hitting each other. In case of pocket door hardware, there is a little handle on the side so that one can pull it out from the wall. Passage pocket door hardware is mainly recommended when it comes to privacy. Industrial furniture hardware companies keep that in mind and come with the betterment of the products.

Bi-fold Doors:

The mechanism of this type is similar to the sliding and pocket doors. The only difference among these, bi-fold doors fold up and not open up like a single door. If you think to choose this type of door for your closet, one thing you must keep in mind that as it is folding there is a high chance to get pinched. Therefore keep your children away from it. Otherwise, they will end up hurting themselves.


No matter what you choose for your closet always keeps in mind that it is a matter of privacy and security. So choose wisely. Do not go for fancy things.

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