Deciding the Best: Goat Hide or Sheepskin

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We’re often asked about the differences that separate goat hide and sheepskin. For some, this is a controversial subject. While they may have their similarities, they come from animals of very different breeds. When selecting a hide rug for your home, however, you want to make sure you bring home something both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Goat hide and sheepskin each have their unique advantages, and both make stunning floor centerpieces. For discerning rug aficionados with a unique sense of style, you may wish to use your hides as throws or wall hangings. The choice is yours, but when it comes to goat hide and sheepskin, allow us to weigh in on the argument.

Goat Hide vs. Sheepskin

Many of our beautiful long hair goatskin rugs come from Mongolia, whose extreme climate can be unforgiving. As such, goat hides are naturally insulating and extraordinarily comfortable, especially for sitting or lying down on. This is one of the many reasons that goat hides make such ideal pieces for living rooms and bedrooms. Similarly, Tibetan goatskin rugs are just as soft, and make equally great centerpieces and throws, but tend to win out over Mongolian hides due to their neater texture. Tibetan goat hides are also completely natural in colour, while their Mongolian cousins tend to have their coats dyed.

With Hide Rugs, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our rugs as they are all 100% authentic, natural, and ethically sourced. We often suggest placing Tibetan goat hides in the kitchen, the living room or hallway. Due to their shorter hair and greater durability, they can easily stand up to frequent foot traffic without incurring damage. Moreover, like sheepskins, are goatskins naturally hypoallergenic, making them great for lounging on.

Sheepskin vs. Goat Hide

So what’s the difference between sheepskin and goat hide? Aside from the fact they come from two different animals, there are a few other differences that separate the two. First of all, sheepskins are known for their thick insulating wool, while goat hides tend to have thinner hair. This lends the latter a highly classy appearance that’s difficult to duplicate. Hide rugs can raise the elegance levels of any room in the house. What better conversation starter for a party? Moreover, while goat hair is much thinner than sheep wool, goat hides are just as soft. Just check out our range of exotic goatskins on our website. Furthermore, goatskins also come in more diverse patterns than the single colours typical of sheepskins.

With goat, you can find a pattern to suit anyone’s taste. But with sheep, you can take advantage of their glossy coats by adding a touch of the rustic to any household. We think sheepskin is an appealing and reliable choice for your home, but, then again, so does everyone. If you want to impress visitors, to make your style your own, then we recommend goat hide. Remember, sheep follow, goats do as they wish. Whether you’ve already seen what you want or you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Hide Rugs can help.

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