Common Instances When You Should Call a Plumber

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Knowing a thing or two about the plumbing system in your house could do you a world of good, especially in emergency situations. Plumbing emergencies can arise at virtually any time during the day or night and it’s always better to know some basic things about the pipes and valves running in and around your property so that you can take immediate action. However, tampering with your plumbing system without any prior knowledge is a bad idea, to say the least. It could cause a great many problems and there’s a high chance that you could cause even more damage. So, here some common instances when it’s better to call a plumber.

Constant Faucet Dripping

You should call local Heathfield plumbers if your faucet continues to drip regularly even if it’s tightly shut. There could be plenty of reasons as to why the faucet is dripping all the time. It might be due to some damage in the rubber seals or it may be due to some other reason. Either way, it’s important that you call a plumber and get the issue resolved right away. Otherwise, you could end up running up your water bill by a considerable margin over the course of a month.

The Bathtub Won’t Drain

This is a clear sign that your drain pipes are blocked and need to be cleaned. It’s not something that you can do by yourself so it’s highly recommended that you call a plumber. The plumbers will check the drain pipes first to determine the exact point where the blockage lies and then use a variety of different techniques to try and clear it. The same issue might arise if you can’t unclog the toilet using a conventional plunger so it’s best that you call a plumber right away to avoid serious issues.

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