Choosing a Paint Colour for Your Patio

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When you are looking to decorate your patio, you need to make sure that you are considering the paint colour very seriously. There are a few considerations that you need to make. For one, you need to consider what colours you like; that much is obvious. You also need to consider what type of look you are going for as well as the type of colour that you find easiest to clean.

Choosing a Colour

There are several different ways to choose which colour you want for your patio. You should ask a professional painter and decorator in Glasgow.

  • Cleaning your patio will be important. The patio will get dirty because of wind and rain and other outside elements.
  • You should pick a colour that will be easy to clean and easy to hide dirt. A darker colour is often a choice.
  • Brighter colours make your patio cooler because they reflect light instead of absorbing the heat.
  • The darker colours will fade in the sunlight over time as well.

Choosing a Paint

When you are thinking about choosing a colour for your patio based on how easy it is to clean and how quickly it will fade, you should also consider the paint itself. There are indoor and outdoor paints. Outdoor paints are usually made from some kind of oil and/or latex base. They’ll repel water and resist fading. There are also some coatings that you can add to the paint to ensure that it does not fade very quickly. These are a few of your options.


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