Choosing a Curtain Fabric: What You Should Know

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Whilst the style of a curtain is important when it comes to enhancing home décor, it is also essential that you choose the right material. That is why you need to take a customised approach when you include this window treatment in your home.

Light Control

One of the first considerations you need to make when choosing a curtain fabric is the light control. For example, what is the purpose for adding the window treatment? Do you want to permit light to come into the room or do you wish to block it? If you want to block out the light, you should consider the selection of a fabric with a tighter weave or one that is heavier.

On the other hand, if you want to let natural light stream into your home but wish to filter it, you need to choose curtains in SS8 that are sheer, or which feature an open-weave design. A metallic material is also a good choice for reflecting natural light.


The choice of a curtain will also be based on insulation. A heavier curtain with a tighter weave is naturally better for keeping the outside cold out of a living space. If you want to further insulate the curtain, have a warm interlining added to the back of it.

The rays of the sun can fade certain curtain fabrics. Therefore, ask about the fade-resistance or colour-fastness of the fabric you are considering. Naturally, this issue does not affect every window in the house. For example, curtains on windows with a northern exposure will not necessarily need UV protection like their southern-facing counterparts.

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