Choose Sandblasting Over Power Washing

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In an industrial setting, there are many opportunities for a company to use sandblasting or power washing for their daily activities, but there are some situations in which one is better than the other. Structural steel is a material requiring maintenance at a fairly constant rate, and there is not enough room for error for you to discover the benefits of sandblasting over power washing only after the fact. The former is not only more effective in most situations, but is also the most budget-friendly option for any company looking to improve their annual spending report.


Only Perth sandblasting will truly get deep enough beneath the surface of the metal to remove any and all embedded rust, a feat which power washing cannot do at the best of times. Power washing will simply clean the surface on a superficial level, making it a great option when you plan to repaint a home, but not if you need to maintain structural steel. Sandblasting is the only way to remain compliant with industry standards laid down by higher powers, which is why it is not only a great option, but also the only option for your needs.


Compared to power washing, sandblasting is the most cost-effective choice every single time, even if this is not the immediate case when first choosing either option. Sandblasting and then painting your equipment will offer years more of service and reliability than power washing, making it the most cost-effective solution because you will not need to do so again for another 10 or even 15 years, depending on the type of equipment. When working with industrial equipment, it is imperative that you provide longevity to all of your structures, gear, and more so that you get the most value for the cost, and sandblasting is the way to make that happen for you every single time.

Fresh, New Surfacing

Unlike power washing, which will only remove any surface debris from a material, sand blasting will remove the outermost layer of material such as paint or rust so that only the original layer of the material is left. This will ensure you have a fresh, clean surface on which to perform the next step, which is imperative if you cannot afford to have multiple layers of paint or any other substance increasing the size of the material. Removing the outer layer altogether will also allow new materials added to your steel to adhere more completely, and it will be possible for you to truly keep the material free of even the smallest amount of rust.

Corrosion Prevention

The only way to prevent corrosion of steel parts is to properly remove any and all rust, and then cover the steel in a time tested, reliable paint designed to stop corrosion. Up to 40% of all steel parts produced are then used to replace corroded products and parts in many areas of industry, and you do your part to reduce that percentage by protecting your own steel surfaces. Sand blasting is the best option in every single case.

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