Can You Get a New Key From a Locksmith

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Most people are aware that they can call a locksmith to open their locked car door or house door. Locksmiths will typically use a slim jim to open a locked car door. To get into a locked house, they’ll be more likely to have to pick the lock or use a bump key to open the lock. However, if your key is lost or broken, you can actually get a new key from a locksmith.

Getting a New Key

A mobile locksmith in Lytham St Annes can build you a new key even if you have lost your old one.

  • First, the locksmith will make a map of your lock. The key is a positive that fills the empty space; therefore, he or she just needs to map the negative space.
  • Then the locksmith will use the mould that he or she has made to program a machine to cut the new key.
  • The key blank will be inserted into the machine and cut to match your lock.
  • The locksmith will likely file away a few burrs to make sure that the key is smooth.

Making Copies

Once you have your new key, you should make sure that you make some copies. Making copies of your new key will help you prevent it getting lost. You should ask a locksmith about different types of lock boxes where you can keep your key safe from harm. You can keep a spare in a box with a combination so that you never have to be without it even if you lose your primary key.


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