A Guide to Successful Part Time Antique Dealing

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If you have a love of fine furniture and although you are happy the way your career is going, you could do with a supplementary income, antique dealing might just be the answer. It wouldn’t be at all unpleasant to spend your weekends driving around, visiting auctions and car boot sales, and if you have a good eye and access to furniture restoration, there is profit to be made. Of course, you would need at least a basic knowledge of antique furniture, and with a small starting budget, careful buying and selling should gradually increase your funds. If the idea appeals to you, and you would like to explore it further, here are some helpful tips to ensure a profitable hobby.

  • Source a Furniture Restorer – This is essential, as basically, you will be buying selected items, having them restored, and then reselling them at a profit. Finding the right company shouldn’t be difficult, as this is a niche market, and if you happen to be looking for antique restoration in London and the Home Counties, there are online experts who offer a range of top quality services. Once you have found such a company, you can now begin to search for the right furniture pieces.
  • Stick to One Period – Unless you happen to be extremely knowledgeable across the wide range of eras, it is best to select one that you are very familiar with, and focus on items from that period. This reduces the risk of making an unwise purchase, as you are only dealing in your known field, and over a period of time, you will gain a lot more knowledge and experience and can branch out to other styles. Specialising is wise, but it doesn’t mean you can’t snap up a bargain that suddenly appears, so always keep your eyes open, as one never knows what might happen when you are out and about looking to buy.
  • Join Online Antique Forums – The more connections you can make, the better your chances of success, and with online forums that cover every aspect and era of antique furniture, you can begin to make useful connections with other dealers, and often, a sale can come from a contact you made at a forum. The ability to send high resolution images enables buyers and sellers to negotiate online, and very often the item is not physically seen by the new owner until it is delivered.
  • Successful Dealers are Not Collectors – If your aim is to make some money, then you really want to turn the items around as quickly as possible. As much as you might like to hang on to beautiful items, that will not help you to turn a profit, so try to remain emotionally detached, and look at each purchase and restoration as an investment that will pay handsome dividends in the near future.

The Internet has made antique dealing more accessible to those who are not in the circle, and providing you have a restoration company in your corner, with some careful judgement, you should do well.


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