5 Things to Consider Before Fitting a Deck

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A new deck is an excellent addition to your home, it provides additional outdoor living space and it is easy to install even as a novice DIYer. Decking is very popular with homeowners right across Australia, it isn’t as costly as other features such as sunrooms and it can be fitted within a short timeframe. Here are 5 things to consider when planning your project.

  1. Support

When building your own deck, use high-quality materials to ensure your structure is properly supported. You can purchase good products like deckmate in Brisbane and other cities throughout the country, so if you’re planning on beginning a DIY decking project, at least you know you are using industry recognised materials.

You’ll need high-quality screws when constructing your decking, if you opt for substandard screws, it could affect the integrity of your deck. Cheap screws will corrode easily when exposed to the elements, making your deck look poorly built and shortening its life cycle.

  1. Cover the Screws

Many homeowners don’t mind the sight of screws or fasteners on their deck once they’ve completed their projects. But, they aren’t very appealing in terms of aesthetics, that is why many DIYers choose to cover them with concealers. A concealer can be anything, the best option is to use decorative ornaments like plant pots and holders. You can also opt to use hidden fasteners, they conceal unsightly nails and support joints.

  1. Consider Your Options

When it comes to outdoor decking, Australian homeowners are spoilt for choice. There are all kinds of materials on the market, so you can select a product which enhances the look of your home. Some of the decking you can now choose from includes:

  • Australian hardwood decking
  • Kwila decking
  • Southern Pine

You can purchase all kinds of decking material, some more costly than others, but whatever you choose, you’ll find something to suit your needs. There are new products on the market like vinyl, but these are more expensive than traditional options such as wood.

  1. Maintenance

It’s great having a fancy new deck in your yard, but if you don’t take some time to understand how to maintain it, it won’t last for as long as you would have wished. In addition, it will quickly lose its visual appeal, making it more of an eyesore than a striking feature of your home.

  1. Railings

No deck is complete without decorative railings. They don’t just look good, they also provide visitors with additional support, especially if you’ve installed a deck with multiple levels. Support railings come in a wide variety of designs, they really add that finishing touch to your newly constructed project. You can now choose from materials such as wood, glass, metal and vinyl.

Constructing a new deck as a novice DIYer can be challenging, but not impossible. Once you plan ahead and consider all your options, you should be able to complete the project to an acceptable standard. Take all the points mentioned above into consideration and do as much research as possible before your start the project.

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