5 Facts About Corporate Housing

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If you are going on a weekend trip or a short business trip, you probably will just stay in a hotel for a few days. However, if you have a job that requires you to be away on business for several weeks at a time, hotels are not the best option for you. Living in a hotel can get quite expensive and it never really feels like home. If you find yourself away on business more than you are at home, then corporate housing is the better option. Here are some facts you should know before you begin your search for corporate housing in St Louis, MO.

  1. Basic Information – Corporate housing is generally fully furnished and is available for you to rent temporarily. All you need to bring with you is food and your suitcase. People generally stay in corporate housing for two to three months, but you can stay as little as 30 days if needed. Corporate housing is typically located in an apartment complex or large building.
  2. Amenities – It is important to remember that corporate housing is not just a place to live, but it also provides various services to people who are in town on business. Since most of the people who use corporate housing are business people, many extras are made available to them to make their stay a convenient one. Many renters need a space to hold business meetings as well as a place to do their laundry. Corporate housing has a bit of everything.
  3. Rental Perks – Corporate housing may also have a swimming pool, gym, and other perks for residents to enjoy. Washers and dryers are typically included as well as a full kitchen with stove. The goal of corporate housing is to make sure that the renter feels like they are at home even when they are away on business.
  4. Utilities – Utilities are generally included in corporate housing. They are typically factored in to your monthly rental cost. This is convenient for renters because they do not have to worry about heat, electricity, or water. Everything is already included in what they are paying.
  5. Extended Stay – Extended stay corporate housing is generally less expensive than staying on a short-term basis. Many corporate housing developments give discounts to renters who plan on staying for a month or longer. It also makes it flexible for renters to come and go at their convenience.

If you are tired of staying in a hotel, corporate housing is the best option for you. If you must travel on business, it is best to travel in style while having all your needs met. Corporate housing is a great option if you are always on the go.

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